We Arrive At Work At 6am So You Don’t Have To!

kansas city temp helpWe arrive at the Davlin Services office every morning at 6:00 A.M., and we don’t leave until 4:30.  Our office hours are completely based on our customers and their needs.  If we have a customer who needs their employees to arrive at 5 A.M. then we will be here at 4 A.M. to make sure your employee is in the proper mental and physical condition to perform the duties you need to your expectations.  We see every employee before they come to you, for that reason.

We do not simply call people on the phone and tell them to go to your facility without ever seeing them.  This serves a dual purpose, it allows us to assess their mental and physical condition before they come to you, and it ensures that the employee will be at your facility when you want them.  If the employee is just called on the phone and told to be at your facility at a certain time, we have found over the years that many times they do not report for work at the correct time.  It makes us feel much better knowing that our customer is being serviced to the absolute highest of standards.

We pay our employees weekly.  We feel that daily pay does not promote regular attendance by the employee.  If you want an employee for a few weeks, odds are if they are paid daily, you are much less likely to receive the same employee whom you have already invested money and time in training back for more than a day or two.  This is simply due to the fact they received a check for the work from the day before so you have to take the time to train another employee, losing you valuable time and production.


The Davlin Difference

philosophyThe Davlin Difference is the embodiment of our philosophies regarding employee selection and customer satisfaction.  We do not simply send you the first person who comes through the door.  We have developed a finely tuned selection process that separates us from the competition by providing you, the customer, the absolute best employee for your staffing needs.  We see every employee we send to you before you see them so we know for certain that they are in mental and physical condition to perform to the high level that we expect of all of our employees.