kansas city staffingAs a Davlin Services customer, you are guaranteed to receive the absolute perfect fit for your company.  We will visit your facility and learn exactly what it takes to perform at the level you expect.  We provide the quality of temporary help or long term placement that you have been seeking!  We have been servicing clients just like you since 1998 so we know exactly what you are looking for!

Davlin Services is a locally owned, Kansas City based staffing agency.  Being locally owned means that we care about how your company is serviced, and the impact on our community.  We take it personally!  We don’t answer to a random sales manager halfway across the country, we answer to you, our customer.  We have found that companies like dealing with a temp agency they can trust, since everyone at Davlin Staffing is accountable and involved with your staffing process.


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Why choose Davlin Staffing as your staffing solution?


  • Workload Fluctuations: Growing and successful companies experience situations where their current work staff is insufficient to meet their staffing demands.  We have qualified people standing by to fulfill your staffing requirements.


  • Duration of Assignments: We tailor the length of each assignment to meet your production expectations, whether it be 4 hours, a few days, several weeks, or many months.  Some companies find it desirable to maintain a small percentage of their workforce flexible thus maintaining scheduled production while monitoring labor costs.


  • Davlin Employees: Many companies have found it very beneficial to acquire new employees from Davlin Services.  Utilizing Davlin Services allows your company the chance to evaluate prospective employees to place on your permanent staff.


  • Drug Testing & Background Checks: Davlin Services strives to maintain a drug-free workplace through various in-house programs, and are always supportive of clients who desire that extra level of assurance.  We have resources available for various levels of drug testing as well as background check requirements to ensure that you receive the quality of employee that you are seeking.  In addition to these we are enrolled in eVerify, a federal program designed to certify and assure us that our employees have the right to work in the United States.


  • Regulatory Requirements: So that you may focus on the daily tasks of running a successful enterprise, Davlin Services covers all Federal, State, and Local tax filings and requirements, as well as covering all employees worker’s compensation and unemployment obligations.  By choosing Davlin Services for your staffing provider, we do all the work, and your company reaps the rewards!


Call Davlin Staffing today or clickansas city temporary helpk here and let us show you how we can help your company achieve staffing success!

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